Finally engineering is over for all of us! Four years back we all wrote about our experiences in the starting days of engineering.Now is the time for the end of Engg Post.So here goes.
Everybody now is looking ahead for the future.
Here is a status update of everyone’s position-
Razzaq- Got admission in Jindal Institute of Power Technology. I got AIR 246 in National Power Training Institute,the best Power Training Institute of India.But sadly I couldn’t join due to some reasons.I will soon join JIPT in August.
Abhishek-Got admission in JIPT too.We both wrote and gave the exam together and got through.
Bhanu Teja-Got a job in Infosys and will be joinng on august 13.
P-looking for a job in a core area preferably Automobile sector.
Ravikiran-Joined a company, in the marketing department.
Shoaib Rashid- Right now working in a company started by his friends ‘scoozang’
Deepanjan Ghosh- Wrote exams for Higher studies,waiting for the results.
Swatchitlal- Enrolled In Made EAsy for IES coaching
Akram- Enrolled in Made easy for Gate coaching.

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