Building Canada || A 10 Point book review
Building Canada || A 10 Point book review

Building Canada || A 10 Point book review

  1. Name: Building Canada
  2. Author: Bonnie Shemie
  3. Genre: Non Fiction/Architecture
  4. Book Post No. 39
  5. What is it about? : This book is a sort of an introduction to the various architectural styles of buildings in Canada and the influences that created them. The book starts from the French settlers in the 1600s and ends in the modern times, touching in between the Atlantic provinces, the prairie towns, French influences, British influences and Canada’s own style as well.
  6. How I came to read it? : This is part of my efforts to increase my knowledge about buildings and architecture as I am working in the field of energy management of buildings.
  7. Did I like it? : Loved it! This book is only 34 pages long including the glossary and can be finished off in one sitting. It has beautiful illustrations done by the author herself and a glossary of the all the terms used. It shows many different styles including the early new France influence, Victorian, Mennonites, Chinese, Greek (for banks mostly), Canadian Chateau style, Ukrainian and modern styles.
  8. Positives: Its short, concise and provides the information in a way that interests the reader. And the illustrations are beautiful. Below are a few for example.
  9. Negatives: Its too short!
  10. Any other personal notes, observations, fun facts etc.: One fact I loved from the book: The distance a steam locomotive could cover between refilling for water in the boiler was 13 kms.

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