Know Your Thermal Powerplant.Part 2
Know Your Thermal Powerplant.Part 2

Know Your Thermal Powerplant.Part 2

The first part (Know Your Thermal Powerplant) received quite a good feedback and I got a few suggestions and queries from my readers for the second part.
        One of them was by Sumedha who suggested the idea of combining all the pics that I used into a single picture so that it can be shared more.So here it is.

           And from another of my friends Mohi I received a few queries which he requested me to answer here so that it benefits others too.All the questions asked by him are here followed by my answers

Q.At what time in a year the plant would be running at full capacity?
A.The plant always strives to be run at full capacity irrespective of the time of the year.The points on which the load of a plant depends is
1.Internal wellness of the plant like availability of all the equipment
2.Availability of coal.For example in the recent times when some companies lost their mines to the government and their plants had to be shutdown.
3.The schedule assigned to it by a load dispatch center.Looking at the conditions of the Grid a certain load is assigned to every power plant.It has to follow it.

Q.Normally how many units are operated simultaneously?
A.If a plant has 4 units all the 4 units are run simultaneously except when there are problems like the above mentioned points.

Q.What are the number of Breakdowns in a month on an average?
A.It depends on how well made(erected and commissioned) the unit is.Also it depends on the operation of the unit.For example a unit  may have had 3 outages in 12 months(0.25/month) and another may have had 15 outages in 12 months(1.25/month)

Q.What is the source of water?
A.Rivers or if a plant is located near a sea shore its sea.

I thank sumedha for her suggestion and Mohi for the questions.


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