Norvan Falls Hike, BC, Canada
Norvan Falls Hike, BC, Canada

Norvan Falls Hike, BC, Canada

Location: Lynn Headwaters Regional Park
Time of the Year : December 2022

Last week me and my friend decided to do the Norvan Falls hike in Lynn Headwaters Regional Park. Hiking in winter is something that I haven’t done a lot so I thought Ill check it out. The weather was pleasant. No snow or rain was forecasted and we had good weather all throughout the day. We started off at around 10am and reached Norvan falls at around 12 30pm where we took a break of around 20 mins. I had bought some hot coffee in a flask and I opened it with much excitement only to find it had turned cold. So now we had some cold chocolate which was at some point hot. After this break we retraced our way back and were back at the parking lot by 3pm. Overall it was nice hike with just moderate elevation gain of around 200 metres but not many good views.


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