Razzaq Mohammed


Here, I write about energy related topics.

I began my energy career in 2013 with working in a 4 x 600 MW Subcritical thermal power plant and later worked in 2 x 660MW supercritical thermal power plant. In these positions where I gained experience in various areas including commissioning, operation, as well as energy conservation. With the climate change crisis we find ourselves in, I wanted to leave behind fossil fuel power plants and pursue a field which would make an impact in alleviating some aspect of the climate change. What better area than energy conservation and improving energy efficiency. I moved to Canada in 2018 to pursue Master of Engineering Leadership in Clean Energy Engineering program at the University of British Columbia (UBC). From 2021 I have been working in the energy efficiency sector of Canada.

Here is a link to an Efficiency Canada feature published in 2022.

Mentoring for new Immigrants to BC, Canada

Are you new in BC and/or are a student looking for a job in the energy management/efficiency sector? Are you looking for any pointers from someone already in the industry? I would be happy to chat with you for 30 mins and share my thoughts and advice with you. Please fill out the form below.