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Celebrating 15 years of my blogging journey!

I recently completed 15 years of my blogging journey! My very first post was back in 2008, made while I was in my 12th grade. It simply had a list of names of our group of friends. I started off my blogging journey by sharing stories of the activities our group of friends did together like trips, parties etc. Later I started writing about my individual travel trips. Full story here. Since then I have come a long way. My blog (the travel one) was featured on multiple websites and platforms, I was interviewed by a top travel podcast channel, a newspaper printed my photos and best of all I received countless words of appreciation from friends and readers! Over the course of 15 years I was also fortunate to have traveled in 5 countries including India. The others being Canada, United States, Bhutan and Peru. A bit more detailed story of my blogging journey can be found here which I wrote when I had completed 400 posts in 2022.

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Some of my popular travel posts:

Some of my popular book posts:

Camping in Garibaldi Provincial Park, BC, Canada

It was a hot day. The sun was shining bright and in full force. I was sitting outside my tent, at the edge of my tent pad, taking in the view. I was camping at Helm creek campground, high up in the Garibaldi Mountain Ranges, along with two of my friends. As I looked around I could see the massive face of the Black Tusk mountain jutting out of the mountains surrounding the campsite, its black surface in stark contrast to the layers of white snow all around. More closer, the campsite, which was a nice meadow like grassy field, was surrounded by Douglas fir trees all around. Right beside my tent pad ran a small creek, which made that hypnotizing sound of flowing water.

The Ornament of the World || A quick book review

Every once in a while a piece of art comes along which transports you to another place, another era, another mood. Be it a movie, a music track, a song or a book. ‘The Ornament of the world’ is one such book. The last time a non fiction book had such an impact on me was when I read William Dalrymple’s ‘City of Djinns’.

The First Shots || A 10 point book review

When Covid19 hit the world in 2020, the general public spent the first few months thinking that it was going to pass quickly but it wasn’t to be. Few months later all the talk was about vaccines. How soon can they be developed and how it was the only hope mankind had before deaths peaked again next winter. This book chronicles the journey of the development of these vaccines.

Espana : A Brief History of Spain || A 10 point book review

This book is about the history of Spain, from prehistoric times to today. Starting with the mythological figure of Hercules, the author quickly takes us to Al Andalus by the third chapter and then journeying through the blood thirsty conquistadores we cross into the 16th century and later. In 300 pages the author gives a snapshot of the history of Spain and how it got shaped into what it is today.

Rocket Boys TV Show : A Quick Review

Homi Bhabha. The father of the Indian Nuclear Program. I grew up watching his photo in our school. Having studied at an Atomic Energy Central School and being a part of the Department of Atomic Energy family, Bhabha’s presence was everywhere. His photo was displayed at a prominent point in the school where we used to attend the morning pledge. Its one of the core memories of our school days. So when my friend Suyog recommended I watch the TV Show ‘Rocket Boys’ which is about the two giants of Indian science, Homi Bhabha and Vikram Sarabhai I was excited and had it on my watch list.

Four Lakes Trail Hike, Squamish, BC, Canada

Slowly, almost imperceptibly at first, it started snowing. At one point I stopped in the middle of a cluster of trees and looked up. The snow was falling, it seemed, as if in slow motion. Some of the snowflakes fell on my face, immediately melting and mildly numbing the skin. Except my group of friends there was nobody around and it was all quiet and still. It felt so peaceful. As Faiz, my friend, remarked later, its for this sense of detachment from the mundane everyday life, that makes hiking so refreshing!


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