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My Travels

My Travels

I travel whenever and wherever I can. Travel for me is not the glamorous Instagram type pics. A walk in a neighboring nondescript village is also travel. Squeezing in a 3 hour sightseeing with a 20 hour journey is also travel. I do what I can with what I have. Sometimes its elaborate with week long trips. Sometimes its just a bus ride between two places. I try to enjoy whatever experiences I am privileged and lucky to experience. I have travelled a lot in my home country India. More than average I would say. Covered 15 states out of 29. Internationally I have been to only USA and Bhutan apart from my country of residence India and Canada. Presently I am based in the beautiful province of British Columbia in Canada and am trying to explore it as much as I can.


I did the 4 Day Inca Trail to Machu Pichu in this beautiful country.


I arrived in Vancouver, British Columbia in December 2018. Since then I went on a couple of multi day road trips and many day trips in BC. I also spent a year and a half in the sunny Okanagan region which gave me nice opportunity to explore the Interior regions of BC.


The country of my Birth, India is a country like no other. With its population of a billion people and the vast variety in landscapes and history, India is a place where even if you spend your entire lifetime in exploring it, it wont be enough. In my own limited capacity I travelled a bit in this beautiful country. I did 3 different multi day treks in the Himalayas which still remain some of the best travel experiences of my life. I visited 15 out of the 29 states.


I went on two trips to the United States so far.


I did a multiday trek in this beautiful country.

Multi Day Trekking

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