Celebrating 15 years of my blogging journey!
Celebrating 15 years of my blogging journey!

Celebrating 15 years of my blogging journey!

I recently completed 15 years of my blogging journey! My very first post was back in 2008, made while I was in my 12th grade. It simply had a list of names of our group of friends. I started off my blogging journey by sharing stories of the activities our group of friends did together like trips, parties etc. Later I started writing about my individual travel trips. Full story here. Since then I have come a long way. My blog (the travel one) was featured on multiple websites and platforms, I was interviewed by a top travel podcast channel, a newspaper printed my photos and best of all I received countless words of appreciation from friends and readers! Over the course of 15 years I was also fortunate to have traveled in 5 countries including India. The others being Canada, United States, Bhutan and Peru. A bit more detailed story of my blogging journey can be found here which I wrote when I had completed 400 posts in 2022.

At this milestone point I am doing a Reader survey. It would be great if you, the reader, can fill it out! Thank you!
Here is the link: https://forms.gle/L222WkTvgY7vG25e7

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