Hike to Lindeman Lake, BC, Canada
Hike to Lindeman Lake, BC, Canada

Hike to Lindeman Lake, BC, Canada

My first hike of the year turned out to be a pretty good one. Back in February me and a group of friends hiked the Lindeman Lake trail near Chilliwack, BC. The hike itself is moderate but what is important is to take the weather conditions in account. This was February so were expecting snow which we found on the trail beyond the Lindeman lake onwards to Greendrop Lake. The hike to Lindeman Lake itself took us an hour and when we reached the far end of the lake we were absolutely stunned by its beauty. Half of it was frozen and the other half was green in color presenting a spectacular vista. We stopped here a while and took many pics. We tried to continue our hike to the next lake on the trail, Greendrop but dropped the plan after seeing that the entire section was covered by snow and it was getting late in the afternoon. Our trek leader Ram held a vote and we decided to walk back. We reached our car in another couple of hours. We wrapped up (pun intended) our hike by having some delicious shawarma in Chilliwack.

Hike Details:
Elevation Gain: 300 metres.
Distance covered: 8kms.
Total time taken: 5 hours including breaks.
Start time: 9 am
End time: Around 2 pm.
Who: Ram, Akshaya, Arun, Jaya and myself.


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