Rail Museum Chennai, India.
Rail Museum Chennai, India.

Rail Museum Chennai, India.

A couple of weeks back I visited the Rail Museum in Chennai. There are both in house and outdoor exhibits in the Museum complex. The complex is spread around a small area, around which a toy train runs. I wanted to write a very detailed report of the models and exhibits but for now I will just post the pictures of the exhibits I liked the best.

I enjoyed the walk around the complex. This is a must for every rail enthusiast. 
Major plus point is you can actually climb into some of the engines and bogies displayed here.
To reach there just type ‘Integrated Coach Factory’ or simply ‘Rail Musuem’ into Gmaps. 


  1. Hello there. This is Gautham from Little Black Book, Chennai. We would like to use some of your pictures from your trip to the regional railways museum for one of our articles. We will give you photo credits and and link it back to your profile. Will that be okay?

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