Book Post 4 : “Clean Car Wars” by Yozo Hasegawa and translated by Tony Kimm
Book Post 4 : “Clean Car Wars” by Yozo Hasegawa and translated by Tony Kimm

Book Post 4 : “Clean Car Wars” by Yozo Hasegawa and translated by Tony Kimm

Book Name : Clean Car Wars

Author : Yozo Hasegawa. 
                Translated by Tony Kimm

Genre : Non Fiction.

What is it about? : This book is about, as the name implies, clean cars, meaning eco-friendly cars and how the major companies have shifted their focus to the clean cars segment as the future of the Automobile Industry.

How I came to read it : I was browsing the Sustainable Energy section of one of our university libraries and stumbled upon this book. I was interested to know how the clean cars segment shaped up over the years so I borrowed it immediately.

Did I like it? : 
No, I did not. The tone was dry and it was more like a series of articles stitched together. It lacked a proper narrative.

Why?/Summary/My views : I am going to keep this one short. The book is mostly about two countries Japan and USA. The first chapter is about Toyota, how,in 2009, it usurped General Motors as the biggest Auto company in the world. This moment was huge in the Auto Industry. To topple GM from its top position was no joke. Part of the reason for Toyota’s exponential growth over the years was its line of green cars. It was one of the first companies to focus on this and also it gave the World its first popular green car the Prius. There is background information in this chapter about Toyota and how the Prius came to being.

The next chapter is about another Japanese Giant, Honda. While Toyota was focussed on hybrid technology Honda was intent on improving its diesel engines which it did quite successfully.It also came up with a breakthrough emission technology and also came up with its own hybrid cars.

The next chapter is how the big 3 of the west strike back at this Japanese offensive. GM, Ford and Daimler all unveil their own plans and ideas for the green cars market. Here it is where it begins to get a bit repetitive and should I say the word, boring.

The next chapter is about other green alternatives like Bioethanol, natural gas and purely electric cars. By this time I was just gliding along the words no longer interested and I finished it somehow.

Overall the initial Toyota and Honda stories were much better than the rest of the book but I did learn a lot of new stuff so no regrets.


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