Dinner in Kothagudem

Last Monday turned out to be another successful day for us as six of us could meet together after a long time.The only people missing were Deepanjan,meeting whom has become a once-in-a-year affair,shoaib who is always ‘busy’ in Hyderabad,and p,who was busy with his project work with Indian Railways.
    Five of us,Akram,Abhishek,Bhanu,Kiran and myself were staying in colony while swat was in Kothagudem, about to start his project in Singareni Collieries.The actual plan was to go for dinner in Hotel Venu in Manuguru but as it turned out swat,at the last moment said he couldn’t make it as he was too busy with his work.We were disappointed with this and held a voting to decide where to go .Shall we go to Kothagudem or continue to Manuguru without swat? Kothagudem won hands down.
  So we hopped on a bus to Kothagudem and reached within an hour.That hour didn’t feel like an hour as the whole time in the bus was spent in laughing and shouting.We had only one task at hand on the bus: to prevent akram,who was the only one to bring his earphones, from listening to songs.
 After we reached,we went in hotel Cosmo to have a small snack where Kiran kept away from the place as he doesnt eat Non Veg.Next,swat came and after a round of hugs with everyone took us to his Grandma’s place.There we spent some time before swat took all of us in his Maruti 800.That was some ride.we were now 7 people including rajeev,swat’s friend from suryapet.the seven of us crammed inside the car.As usual i had to sit on top of someone and to ensure justice to all i spread myself over bhnau,kiran and abhishek equally 🙂
 We decided to dine in Hotel Thatipalli. As usual we discussed at length and great detail about trying out new dishes but after much deliberations settled down on Biryani.Kiran as usual took Egg Biryani.The food was not much to talk about and we didn’t care as the purpose of our dinner was to meet and talk, not to enjoy the food.

 After the dinner it was time to return. swat dropped us at the bus station where luckily for us a bus was just about to leave for Manuguru.we boarded it and the journey back was spent in discussing about the future of our club and how to keep the activities and fun going.Thus ended a very enjoyable meeting between all of us after a long time.


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