Espana : A Brief History of Spain || A 10 point book review
Espana : A Brief History of Spain || A 10 point book review

Espana : A Brief History of Spain || A 10 point book review

  1. Name: Espana: A Brief History of Spain
  2. Author: Giles Tremlett
  3. Genre: History
  4. Book Post No. : 45
  5. What is it about? : This book is about the history of Spain, from prehistoric times to today. Starting with the mythological figure of Hercules, the author quickly takes us to Al Andalus by the third chapter and then journeying through the blood thirsty conquistadores we cross into the 16th century and later. In 300 pages the author gives a snapshot of the history of Spain and how it got shaped into what it is today.
  6. How I came to read it? : After my study of Incas and Peru, and my subsequent visit to Peru later, my next trip plan is to Spain. To prepare myself for this visit I am working on understanding the history of Spain. My special interest is Al Andalus and with a view to understand this phase of Spanish history and for also for a broader introduction I picked up this book after googling a bit and checking my local library.
  7. Did I like it?: It is a decent read. Not in the leagues of some other brilliant history books I read but it does a decent job of providing an introduction to Spanish history. It is short, relatively speaking, and to the point. There are some nice pictures too to go along with the text.
  8. Positives: Brief chapters, fast paced and a good introduction chapter. Some very good insights from the author here and there.
  9. Negatives: Not good if you want to spend more time with each important phase of the history. Too much time spent on recent history which might get a bit tiring for a general reader who is a complete stranger to the recent Spanish history.
  10. Any other personal notes, observations, fun facts etc.: The below lines are from this book. Coincidentally I was reading this book while the 2024 General Elections in India were happening.

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