Jerusalem: The Biography || Book post
Jerusalem: The Biography || Book post

Jerusalem: The Biography || Book post

Book Post : 28

Book Name : Jerusalem: The Biography

Author: Simon Sebag Montefiore

Genre : Non-Fiction/History

What is it about?: It is about the history of the city of Jerusalem. How it was settled originally and how it rose in prominence over the centuries. It is 544 pages long and goes over the different periods it went through: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Crusades, Mamluks, Ottomans and finally the modern era.   

How I came to read it :
A couple of years ago I became interested in Saladin so I read a book about him and that got me interested in the Crusades so again I read a book about it. The entire focus of the crusades was on Jerusalem and that made me ask myself: Why is Jerusalem so important to the Abrahamic religions? So I got this book.  
Did I like it? : Loved it. After reading it I now have a much better picture of the history of Jerusalem and the ongoing Israel Palestine situation. Since its a sensitive topic, I will limit my post to this section. If you have any interest in knowing the history of Jerusalem read this book. Its worth your time. 

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