The Story of Buildings || Book Post
The Story of Buildings || Book Post

The Story of Buildings || Book Post

Book Name : The Story of Buildings

Author: Patrick Dillon and Illustrations by Stephen Biesty

Genre : Non-Fiction/ Buildings

Book Post : 34

What is it about? :  This is a book tracing the development of buildings throughout human history. From the primitive huts to the latest examples of modern buildings this book takes the reader on a journey of our relationship with the most important structures of human life, the buildings where we live.

How I came to read it : Since my current line of work involves working with building energy usage of lots of different types of buildings I am trying to expand my knowledge of how these structures are built and what goes into the thinking while designing them.

Did I like it?: Loved it! This is a great book to know the history of evolution of buildings. There are details about many famous buildings in history including Parthenon, Taj Mahal, Pyramids etc. Best part is that there are superb illustrations of the insides of the structures. Those illustrations make the book. The language is simple and the flow breezy. Makes for a wonderful book to read casually. Its a short book too. Only 90 pages and majority of them are illustrations like the below.


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