Travel : In Review Year 2022
Travel : In Review Year 2022

Travel : In Review Year 2022

After the gradual decline of Covid, 2022 promised a better year. I got my driving license in February and the first thing I did was try to go on a day trip to somewhere near. So along my friends I drove over to the smallest incorporated city in British Columbia.
Greenwood, BC

A simple and refreshing hike near Kelowna, BC.
Goat’s Peak, Kelowna, BC

My company sent me and a colleague to Panorama Mountain Resort neat Invermere for some energy assessments. While I was there I made use of whatever extra time I had to do some exploring,
Panorama Mountain Resort, Invermere, BC

Another hike near Kelowna. Went there with an office colleague.
McDougall Rim, Kelowna, BC

A small flower festival near the pretty little town of Salmon Arm in the interior BC.
Tulip Flower Festival, BC

An aimless drive to this town on Highway 3 with my roommate.
Princeton, BC

A 3 day trip to Hope and Manning Park. Went on a Rambo Tour and did some wonderful hikes.
E.C. Manning Park, Hope, BC

Went to Portland to meet my childhood friend after 4 years. Spent a week there.
Portland, Oregon, BC

On a bright summer day did some canoeing in the Okanagan Lake in Kelowna with my room mates.
Okanagan Lake, Kelowna, BC

On another beautiful summer day did a hike in the Big White Mountain Resort with office colleagues.
Hiking in Big White, Kelowna, BC

I love trains so I made it a point to visit the restored section and locomotive of the Kettle Valley Railway in Summerland.
Kettle Valley Railway, Summerland, BC

At the end of August I moved to Langley in the lower mainland leaving behind Kelowna. One of the first things I did was go on a hike in one of the numerous stunning provincial parks surrounding Vancouver.
Cypress Provincial Park, West Vancouver, BC

Another hike with a friend.
Mt. Seymour Provincial Park, North Vancouver, BC

I always wanted to visit Fort Langley, the birthplace of BC as we know it today.
Fort Langley, BC

A winter hike to wrap up the year.
Norvan Falls, BC


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